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Hook Allianze is established with a vision to bring
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Fish Market in Malaysia

In the year 1920 the fisheries sector had grown rapidly, becoming one of the main contributors to the business trade worldwide. The Malaysian Government introduced a policy plan that aids the prioritization of production area especially for the fisheries sector during the year 1998 until 2010 with the benchmark of increasing the fisheries sector goals of up to 200 by the year of 2020 In the past 5 years, the fisheries sector had achieved an annual growth rate of up to 10. Nowadays, the sector plays an important role in cultivating marine life with high value of aquaculture whilst improvising a lucrative but sustainable industry.

of Salted Egg

Salted egg yolk is similarly as favorable as the Westerners preferred household favourite, milk & cheese. The main reason salted egg yolks became famous is due to its peculiar density of saltiness. Its pungent taste distinctively brands its uniqueness in flavour marking itself as one of the prime ingredients among all the other food.

Lend To Trend of Salted Egg Snack

The trend of salted egg yolks began after the consumer investigation indicated the decline in preference towards sweet tastes. Henceforth, in the year 2018 salted egg yolks became one of the trendy ingredient in the snack market. The effectiveness of the savoury and salty portfolio has encouraged the F&B sector to pursue the development of various kinds of salted egg products.

Only The Best Quality of Fish Skin

Hooks’ Salted Egg uses Premium Duck eggs prepared with a traditional marination method. Each Salted Eggs are carefully picked, as we believe that only the best can create the most premium product. The Fish Skin is evenly coated and deep fried with a unique deep fried technique. Each piece is deep fried twice with centrifugal de oiling technology to ensure the minimization of any greasy taste “Hook’s” Crispy salted egg is indefinitely a cut above all.

Salted Egg Snack
Potential Market
in Asia China

Overall, the Salted egg yolk ingredient has
already formed its plausible trend solidity in the
Asian China market It has the commercial advantage
and potential to encourage the increase in the
snacks sector The distinctiveness of Salted Egg
Yolk perfectly diversifies its pairing capabilities
Thus, introduces and array of snack variety and

Our Vision

An Iconic Snack Food committed to “Hook” all the attention regardless of age, globally.

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To integrate Hook’s snack food into our everyday lifestyle.