Hook’ Salted Egg Series

In Malaysia and Singapore,  this ingredient will never fail you – salted egg yolk – especially when combined with the crunchy crisp of fish skin, it become something too delicious to stop, you’ll be glad to have them in every bite. What is so attractive of this little pack: This crispy fish skin with premium salted egg yolk is produced in Malaysia with fresh fishes from Vietnam. After marination with secret recipe, the fish skin in evenly coated with starch and undergone a unique deep-fry-technique. Each piece is deep-fried twice with centrifugal de-oiling technology to minimize greasy taste. In term of seasoning, Hook’ Salted Egg Crisps Fish Skin Chip used premium duck eggs with traditional hand-made marination method. Duck eggs were carefully steamed at optimum temparature and time-controlled before grounded into powder. Each piece of fish skin is coated with salted egg evenly. Hook’ Salted Egg Crisps Fish Skin Chip is definitely a cut above all with  No Preservation. This Healthy snack is create simply to highlight the original taste of Salted Egg.