H00K JOYOUS SET ( H00K 虎年-欢喜连年)

H00K JOYOUS SET ( H00K 虎年-欢喜连年)consists of 2 Bundle Set (4 x 50g Salted Egg Crispy Lotus Roots (Original), 4 x 50g Salted Egg Crispy Lotus Roots ( Spicy )

Including Either

1. Gold Plated 年年有 “鱼“ angbao


2. Gold Plated 元宝 angbao


3. Gold Plated 财神爷 angbao

Collect all 3 angbaos during this festive season (WHILST STOCKS LAST).

This is definitely the best choice for gift sharing with your friends and loved ones. Our products are HALAL certified, and you can share the H00K JOYOUS SET with your business partners as well!

H00K wish you happy Chinese New Year and Ong Heng Huat!!


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